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I need some help with getting my sound system up and running

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  • I need some help with getting my sound system up and running

    I have a 2002 vw jetta - the factory monsoon amp started smoking when i was driving. I pulled over and unplugged it. Now none of my door speakers work. Can i bypass the monsoon amp connection and rewire the wires leading to the monsoon amp connection to get my sound system back up and running? I spend more than 2 hours a day in the car and driving without music is driving my crazy. How can i tackle this or what wires do i connect to save my sanity at little or no cost? I have an after market deck please let me know if you have any ideas... Thank you

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    for vehicle specific use like this, i would really recommend visiting a vw specific forum. this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars.. in the past, there have been some members here that have done some work with the vw monsoon amps, but i would hate to see you wait too long to locate a solution..
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      It probably won't work if you simply bypass the factory amp as the signal the factory amp is receiving is line level from the head unit or a small wattage output.

      There seems to be some good info here relating to the monsoon amp pinouts here:

      Not sure what your options are besides replacing the factory amp or installing an after market head unit and purchasing an amp bypass. Amp bypass with after market should work because it would pre-amp speaker out. Although, I am not sure of specifics of the sound system speaker impedance, etc. Too many factors.


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        There are also several monsoon amps on eBay right now...

        This would be easiest way out... hope that helps!


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          Well if you have an aftermarket head unit then I'm assuming that it has amp pre-outs on it so wiring in a new aftermarket amp shouldn't be too hard. Also a lot of amps now have high level inputs so you should be fine. I would recommend just getting a new aftermarket amp with the same number of channels as the stock and produces the same amount of power on the those channels.
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