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Carpc,HU radio,3 amps,more than 10 speakers, need help on system

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  • Carpc,HU radio,3 amps,more than 10 speakers, need help on system

    Well guys this is what i am planning to do on my car.

    Since long ago i started a project on my BMW E39 touring.

    I have till now bought some hardware which i plan to install in the next months. For doing this i need some help on choosing some components.

    Till now what i plan on doing its a multimedia system that will use several solutions from CARPC to radio headunit also cause PC TV/radio tuners are really bad for car i have quited founding the best one and returned to a radio headunit which i plan to install also.

    So, lets see what i wanna do:

    First i need to know how i can do this and what are the possible solutions.

    I plan to have music, videos playing on my car, and for that i have these audio system:

    2 x 4 channel Amps: kenwood KAC 6404 500 W and Sony Xplod 600 W
    1 x 2 channel Amp: Blaupunkt GTA2 400 W

    I guess they arent big thing but for what i need its good, since i am not too $$$$ guy.....i plan on doing this with some money.....not too much money...

    Then i need to have a radio tuner headunit which i havent bought yet but just need to have a radio tuner with RCA line out to connect to an amp or pc soundcard and thats ok for now! No need to have too much features, as i said, CARPC will control everything!

    Then i have already some speakers:

    1 x alpine SXE 1350S 2 way component speakers (already installed on front doors)
    1 x Alpine SXE 0825S 2 way coaxial speakers (plan to install on rear doors)
    1 x Alpine SXE 1325S 2 way coaxial speakers (installed on headliner on trunk zone)

    So for now thats what i have with me.

    So now lets see what i want to know.

    I need to put some speakers on front doors, as you can see from my system diagram i have a 3 x 13 cm diameter holes already on my front doors (bottom part) to install more speakers.

    So, i was thinking on installing some midbass speaker on the front door also and use another 2 pairs of speakers like the ones i already have installed on my front doors (it would look like 3 pairs of 2 way components speakers and a pair of midbass speakers on the front doors)

    I have something like these, but instead of 5 i have just 4 speakers on my door.

    On the rear doors i just can install a 9 cm diameter speaker so i went for a 2 way coaxial speakers since i cannot get a 9 cm diameter 2 way component system....can i use an individual tweeter also and remove the tweeter that comes already on the 2 way coaxial speakers ?!?!!?

    On the headliner (trunk zone) i have a pair of 13 cm diameter 2 way coaxial speakers.

    Also would like to install a subwoofer (i dont know too much about these ones....) and it must have to be a little one...i mean...i was planning using my ski pass hole i have on the rear seats (its common on BMW to install in these locations....) and dont wanna get too big in here...just 20 cm maximum....i like to listen to rock/hard rock/heavy....not electronic i guess there is no need for more....and dont know if i wanna go for a self powered subwoofer or not....just a question of seeing what can i afford...

    In the end i have 10 channels on my 3 amps which for now i dont really know very well how can i use them...i must say i plan to go for series/paralell wiring if i need to...i guess i will have to do some sort of these connections cause i will have more than 10 speakers at same time....

    In fact i would like to have a 5.1 system also if i listen to videos/movies....but thats just an idea....and maybe just that...for now...

    I must say that i plan on using carpc as the main multimedia controller and the radio headunit its just for radio tuning....FM/AM radio stations...and all other things will go on PC, so i will have a soundcard (not big one for now....) with line out or something like that to connect to my amps....or maybe more than one soundcard....

    The speakers locations i have till now arent definitive, i mean, if i need i can change them to achieve best results. And also no problem with speakers install...i mean...i am DIY all of you are!!!

    I need to have speakers on rear seats zone cause i have passengers in here....and they like to listen to audio also so i will give them good stuff too if i can!

    So if u can suggest me how to achieve my goals in here, i would like to hear your opinions!!!

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      Panasonic makes good HU for what you are looking for, most of which have component AUX input on the back of the HU. I used two different models of Panasonic HU for my Eclipse and My ford installs, however i find that the sound quality is better going straight off the MB to your amps, so in the eclipse I have done away with the HU. You are more than welcome to look at my installs under my signature, let me know if you have any questions i will be more than happy to help.

      as far as the amps I would use the blaupunk for your subs, and the kenwood for your components, and sell the sony! Unless you are really wanting to add all of those speakers to your doors then i would use the sony for your mids

      also since you are a rocker, a single kicker L5 12 in a sealed enclosure will give you nice crisp thumping bass
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        ^sounds about right. while i always found the L-series subs to be very loud, i always thought they were sloppy... great for any songs with a heavy bass track, like "YEAH!" but not so great at other styles of music like country. but that kinda sums up the entire kicker lineup...

        just remember-- the box plays as big of a part in the way the sub sounds as the sub it-self. take your time, and pick a sub, and box combo that fits your tastes.
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