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    Planning on removing my head unit altogether and use pc sound card through 4 channel amplifier. I still have all factory speakers installed ATM(aside from subwoofer) and will probably stay that way. The factory stereo system in my vehicle (Olds Aurora) is not the BOSE option. So not dealing with a factory amplifier.

    I am looking for an inexpensive 4 channel amp to get the job done. I came across a Legacy LA160BK Series II 300 Watts 4 Channel Amplifier. I realize you get what you pay for, but with factory setup I'm looking to match just that.

    How well do think this amplifier will perform?

    # 300 Watts Max
    # High Level MOLEX Connector
    # Frequency Response: 20 - 35,000 Hz
    # Variable Gain Control
    # Gold Plated Inputs
    # Remote On/Off
    # 3 Way Protection
    # Dimensions (WxHxL): 8" x 2" 8.75"

    Any other suggestion for decent inexpensive 4 channel amplifier? TIA

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    The fuse provides a clue as to what the real power is. According to the manual, 10 amps max. That means they're lying about the 300 watts. The specs in the manual don't give any RMS power rating. So, I wouldn't touch it unless I was desperate and it was virtually free.

    There should be worthwhile amps if you go a step up in quality. I had no problems with an Audiovox 4-channel amp I bought from Costco in the mid-90s. It provided RMS power ratings, was fused at 40 amps, and claimed to have thermal and output fault protection, all of which suggested it wasn't complete junk.

    Good car audio has been around long enough that you can find good used amps for cheap. I picked up a made-in-USA 4-channel amp for $44 at a pawn shop. The outside could use some fresh paint, but the innards were pristine and functional. Try yard sales; people probably won't rip you off, because you know where they live. Antique car part swap meets usually have some car audio gear; occasionally there's a dude from a wrecking yard with a vast collection of stuff salvaged from crushed cars.


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      Another thing you want to check into is upgrading your factory component speakers, if you are looking into anything that puts out more than 75W per channel then you risk "popping" those bad boys. BassBinDevil is absolutely right, I picked up a 4 channel 1000W Eclipse Amp for $75 bucks still in the box at a garage sale.... Craigslist is a good place to look as well... Good luck!
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        I mentioned the stock speakers will be staying. I am looking to match the stock quality not upgrade the whole sound stock system.

        I read plenty here about eBay "Motorcycle Amps"... is this one of those I read about?

        or if not which are the ones being used?


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          how about going with that mp3car nano amp or one of the parts express sure amps?
          if your speakers are efficient enough, you could test out one of these:

          powered right of your computer psu

          and dave69leonard is sort of incorrect about saying that you're risking popping your speakers. if you set your gains and x-over points correctly, you wont damage your speakers.... but if you don't... then yeah, you could.
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            that Dayton Audio Amplifier Module looks good however it only puts out 15w per channel (2 channels) and when you power your speakers directly from the PSU it robs your computer of that power, the amplifier module in question would use 15WX2 (30W) continuous... It also draws up to 2amps continuous... I see problems with this set-up. In your case I would find a 4ch 200W amp, here is an example of a name brand amp for under a bill and you dont risk damaging your stock components or your PSU:

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              all of these suggestions would work-- though the nano amp in the mp3 car store is only a 2 ch amp.. it is possible to connect 4 speakers using series/parallel wiring.. wait.. you know about that stuff already.. you need a minimum of a 4ohm end load at the amp.

              the nano amp, and the dayton audio amps use the same amp chipset series, so the audio quality is pretty much the same across all of them.

              the motorcycle amps used to be a very popular suggestion because they are small and cheap. with the sure-series of amps, and the nano amp, motorcycle amps aren't needed as much-- they have just as good of power, usually in a smaller package..
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