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Car2PC (GROM) for Jeep/Crysler

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  • Car2PC (GROM) for Jeep/Crysler

    I am trying to find a Car2PC adaptor for my jeep but they don't seem to exist anymore.

    does anyone here know where I can get such a device?
    I am trying to control music from my CAR PC to the stock head unit in my jeep.
    I've seen the plugin/drivers for the "rideRunner" software, and I would like to go that route.

    If there is another device, great, but what is it, and where can I get it?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    you've checked here right?
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided


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      Yes, but they do not sell them direct. So I clicked on distributors and the ones listed for USA do not have them. I was able to call but they said they wont ever have them anymore.
      The other place does not carry the jeep one.
      I found one in EU, but its 127.00 US...