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Audio Can-Bus Specification !

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  • Audio Can-Bus Specification !

    Hello Everyone ,

    I want to implement a small Infotainment System for my FIAT (Increase/ Decrease the volume and change Radio station .. and so on).

    I have connected my Laptop to this car to Normal Notebook via PCANUSB CAN-reader and I got the Specification in the File attached .. but I have some doubt since I have done before small can diagnose via OBD-II port and I know that CAN-bus works in query-response mode.
    but here I got in the attached documentation only one address .. Is the audio System works in the same way of OBD-II or I should only set the desired data field and send it to the CAN bus in order to change the CAN value ?
    can you please give me an example which I can see how the data filed could be looks like .. if you don't mind ?

    Thanks in advanced for your support.

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    Hey All,
    No body knows what is the answer of my Question .. No suggestions ?
    or I might wrote the topic in @ the wrong forum ?