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  • Amplifier/speaker compatibility

    OK so it's been a loooong time since I've hooked-up a sound system in a car (polymer cones weren't even around yet!).

    I'm working on putting some bass in my car and I just have some questions.

    I got a set of Infinity Reference 1042w speakers for a smoking deal. I'm looking at a Power Acoustik TS1440-2 for another smoking deal.

    My concern is this: Ohm loading. The Infinity's are DVC speakers and I'm not sure of the compatibility with that amp or the best way to wire them to keep them at the lowest ohm level possible yet not drop below the ohm floor of the amp.



    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? If this wouldn't be a good amp for those speakers what amp suggestion would you make? (specs of the amp would be most helpful as I'm putting the system together using used stuff to keep costs down).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Merely addressing the impedance matching aspect.
    The amp is 2 Ohm stable which means it will handle speaker impedances of 2 Ohms upwards.
    Dual 4 Ohm coils can be paralleled hence presenting a 2 Ohm load, so that is fine.
    A second 2 Ohm (paralleled 4 Ohm) would have to be on another output else wired in series (2 paralleled with 2 - 1 Ohm; 2 series with 2 = 2+2 = 4 Ohm).

    Beware of mixing specs. The amp uses "peak" power which could mean anything.
    The speakers quote RMS power which is fine. (Music Power should simply be twice the RMS power.)

    Personally I stay away from stuff that does not provide RMS ratings, though I might consider Music Power if certain that is 2xRMS, and maybe Peak Power if they define wtf that is in relation to RMS.
    And I would probably avoid amps that have higher outputs with higher input supply voltages - eg, if 14.4V output is higher than 13.8V etc - ie, if a high-power amp looks like a resistive load, forget it.

    But others are far better at providing performance comments.


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      heres a better link to that amp with more detailed specs:

      for a "smoking deal" that amp would be fine. if there are other similar-wattage/priced amps available, it might be a good idea to look at those..

      i have read all sorts of stuff for what to do with dvc subs. some say it is horrible to only connect 1 set of voice coils, others say it is fine.. from my perspective, i am in the "fine" camp. i feel there is more advantage to using 1 vc then 2 due to the extra cooling capacity that the second, non-powered vc would offer..

      so with that in mind, i would just connect a single vc from each sub to a single output channel of the amp.
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