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Car Audio not up to scratch!

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  • Car Audio not up to scratch!

    Hey guys,here's my audio setup:

    -CarPC Running Windows 7 Started with a Realtek HD Sound chip
    -1x Audioline 400w 4 Channel Amp
    -1x Kicker 400w Mono Amp
    -4x Kicker 6" Speakers
    -2x JVC 6x9's
    1x Kicker 12" Subwoofer

    All Speakers are connected to the Audioline Amp. Audioline amp is setup in 2 channel mode with 3 speakers per side (2x 6's and 1x 6x9). The mono amp is just powering the subwoofer.

    The PC Is setup in 2.1 channel mode. Everything works but im getting NO bass at all through the speakers, only the subwoofer.

    This issue makes everything sounds terrible, i have played around with the Realtek HD Control panel options and nothing seems to help.

    Any Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!