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  • Can I Install these?

    I actually have a few questions first.
    Im wondeering if this set up will work, will it be to under powered/over powered?
    How do dual voice cables work? Can i bridge it to icnrease the power output and give the subs enough power?
    300 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms)
    8 guage wire

    Subs (havent baught them yet ) getting two, these specs are per
    1200 Watts Power (PMPO)
    600 Watts Power (RMS)
    2.5" 4 Ω 4 Layer Black Aluminum
    Dual Voice Coil
    110 Oz Magnet

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    This sucks. I just typed this thing hit send and realized that my internet was disconnected. Now I have to type it all again.

    Anyways, This is a complicated task and I'm afraid you may have to make some sacrifices. You could easily wire the subs at 4 ohms by wiring each coil on the subs in series and then wiring the subs together in parallel getting 4 ohms or you could wire each coil in parallel and then wire the subs together in series. The down side to this is that you get only 300watts.

    After doing the math with every possible wiring combination it is impossible to get 2 ohms. You caan get either 1 ohm, 4 ohms using two different combinations, or you can get 16 ohms. To get 1 ohm, you must wire each coil in parallel and get 2 ohms out of each sub but then you would have to wire the subs together in parallel giving only 1 ohm. to get 16 ohms, you must wire the coils in series putting each sub at 8 ohms an then wire the subs in series giving you 16 ohms.

    Sadly, if you want 500watts coming out of that amp your gonna have to go with only one sub and wire its coils in parallel.

    Hope you can understand this.
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