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  • Help, please?

    Ok so i have a Sony xPlod 2/1 channel 1000 watt amm (500 RMS) i currently have
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    on it and i want to add a 2 ohm dual voice coil sub to it, will that work by chance? the other sub is a SVC 4 ohm

    the sub i want to hook up is a Rockford Fosgate P3sd212 12" Punch P3 Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Shallow Subwoofer with 400 Watt RMS

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    You should wire the 2 voice coils on the P3 in series effectively making it 4ohms. Then the ohm load on each channel will be the same and the amp should run fine.


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      i don't recommend running 2 different subs together-- this is similar to running 14" wheels on one side of the car, and 32" wheels on the other side-- the car will move, but will always pull towards the side with the 14" wheels installed. the same with the subs-- at times, one sub will overtake the other, and cancel the music signal out, which will make the entire system sound quieter. not to mention that they do not have similar musical properties, which will make the music sound notchy(some sounds will be really loud, while other sounds will be really quiet)..
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        if your hooking up just the rockford then wire the coils inseriese and you should be good to go. If your wanting both subs then what soundman said is precise. I don't like to mismatch subs.
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