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  • Weak Sub Output


    Yet again, I come to you wise people seeking your help with a problem that I have. Recently, a problem has been occurring with my sub, it doesn't produce the same amount of sound it used to.

    Today i started my car and my sub was only producing, say 1/2 as much as it should. After work, instead of starting it up right away I only turned it on and it worked fine. Started my car after that and it worked fine. It could have been a one time thing but just in case I would like to know what could be the issue.

    Both the sub and amp are 4-ohm stable.

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    How have you got your sub set up? Is the amp bridged? Is it a monoblock amp? Is your sub a single voice coil? Check for damage to the sub, or possibly a leak in the box.
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      Its a SVC single sub bridged. I haven't touched the gains or any other sound modifier to the sub either.


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        we're gonna need way more details..
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          Sorry if i'm missing more, i'm not that good with car audio stuff. I tested the other sub I had and it works fine so its not the sub itself that is the problem. Also, the speakers are playing more quite as well, coincidence or are my ears just becoming used to the sound in my car?


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            Update: Started car this morning, sub wasn't working again, turn the car on and it wasn't working, so i said whatever and went to work. Came home from work and turned my car on, sub worked, started my car, sub worked. What in the world could be wrong?

            As a test for whether or not the sub is working im playing a song that when it won't work, it won't be play the pitch. But when it does work, it will play the note.

            EDIT: I think it may be my RCA cables. They went bad once before so I have a Y-splitter on them. Unplugged the new RCA cables from my amp and plugged them back in and the sub and it works fine. Maybe RCA cables are the problem?
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