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Fiesta mk5 51 Head Unit confusion

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  • Fiesta mk5 51 Head Unit confusion

    Hey, I recently bought my first car (fiesta mk5) with the intention of fixing her up over summer before passing my test. I've come to a snag when it comes to the radio. I bought the car knowing the previous owner had taken the radio out and left a nice hole in the dash. For the moment, I plan on installing a basic CD player (din) until I can find a nicer unit. The problem is it seems the old ford wiring has been converted in some way, and it isn't obvious to me what has happened as I don't know what it looked like before, and the current wiring doesn't allow me to install my current unit.
    I took a picture to show what the wiring currently looks like, Ive looked around and can see converters for the original wiring, but at the moment I'm reluctant to try anything because everything looks bodged.

    The last one shows cut wires which doesn't look good, but ive no idea to be honest
    The head unit also has two normal audio wires (red and white, like you would find in the back of a tv) which have no where to go...
    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    You could find a cheap enough double din unit for that space, until you upgrade.
    The only way really is to get a wiring diagram and match the colours to the correct speaker outputs etc for the HU.


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      stupid people...(i mean the last owner)

      they make adapter harnesses so you don't need to cut into it like that, and destroy everything....

      first, i should warn you, this forum is mainly for installing computers in cars, so audio information is a little slim, though, i think i can help you.

      what i see:

      pic 1-from left to right:
      ISO harness, radio harness, factory harness(standard ford/mazda connection).

      pic 2:
      pic of the radio harness connection-- it appears that the rear speakers tie into the factory wiring, and the front speakers tie into the ISO harness.

      pic 3:
      this is a pic of the ISO harnesses. the top one is the speaker wires from the head unit, the other one has wires for remote turn on(blue/white-stripe), and illumination(i think at least-- usually orange, sometimes brown)

      again, that last owner was a idiot..

      it looks like he had a aftermarket radio connected to some sort of small amp feeding the front speakers, with the rear speakers getting power directly from the head unit.

      honestly, i think you are better off rewiring the speakers you need.

      out of the factory harness, you need:

      constant power
      switched power

      these three are already terminated using bullet connectors off the factory harness(yellow, red, black--though i can never remember whether red, or yellow is for switched power)

      i would ignore all the other wiring, and start over.

      though, be sure to test everything with a multimeter before connecting the new radio.
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        Thanks for the input guys
        Would it be at all possible to just ignore the additions, and just buy a converter on ebay for the factory plugs. The car doesn't have rear speakers, only two fronts in either door, and what looks like two small tweeters?

        The kit I could get would be below:



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          that harness won't work, as it would require the smaller ISO plugs that the wires were cut off of-- the black, red, and yellow on those harnesses are cut.

          i don't understand the need for the fm antenna plug-- i thought that all fords used the standard motorola plug..

          that dash bezel should be fine..

          back to the harness, it looks like the factory plugs are still intact, so i would recommend something like this(this one's just a example that i know is similar-- don't order this one, unless you know it works!):

          it has bare wires on one end that you would connect to the new harness that comes with your new radio.

          as for how many speakers need to be connected to the radio, i would recommend checking with a forum dedicated to your car to double check that-- some cars only need a pair of wires for 2 speakers, others use 2 pairs of wires for 2 speakers..
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
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            ahh, I ordered the kit before I read what you said The kit is advertised as:

            This kit allows fitment in the following vehicle: FORD

            FORD ESCORT MK5 JAN 95>

            so I assumed it might fit, if not I can always return it....
            From what I can see, no wires have been removed from the original factory plugs, as any additions were sort of "piggybacked" into the wiring just behind the plugs, so I'm thinking if I cut the new wires and tape everything back up leaving just the factory I should be on a level playing field... where hopefully the connector fits?
            The head unit I have is below, it looks like it will take the plugs?

            Here are the factory plugs in closer detail, I cant tell if any wires have been removed? The first plug seems to be full, although the second one is missing two but this may be how it should look anyway... I'm not sure.

            Also, the picture below is the hole left in my dash, I'm lead to believe this is a 1.5din hole... should my head unit fit in and clip, or am I missing a cage?

            Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it I'm new to this scene as you can probably tell


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              everyone's got to start somewhere..

              you europeans and your funky standards(there are no standards in the US for radio connections)...

              yes, that harness that you ordered will work with the radio that you have-- it should be plug-n-play.

              the harness in the first pic is all the speaker connections, and the harness in the 2nd pic is your power/illumination wires.

              that ebay page also includes the dash kit you need to fit your radio-- your correct that it appears to be a 1.5 din opening. that dash kit will fil in the extra area, and allow the radio to fit better. as for snapping the radio in, there is a sleeve that the radio locks into-- it is currently on the radio. you would install that sleeve to the dash kit piece from the link, connect the harnesses, and then just snap your radio in.
              My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
              "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

              next project? subaru brz
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                I went out there today and removed all of the extra wiring and taped everything back up, the additions were only wrapped around the original wiring so it was an easy job to remove which was good
                I'm just waiting on the kit to arrive, hopefully tomorrow so I can fit everything and see if it works.
                I had a fiddle around with the head unit cage and the dash and I think it should be easy enough to fit, it looks much more striaght forward without that dodgy wiring!
                Thanks for all your help, I wouldn't have had a radio without you