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factory -> mono, quick 1 day of audio setup needed

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  • factory -> mono, quick 1 day of audio setup needed

    Long story short, 5+ hour combined trip Saturday, not enough screws to screw the wires into the 2 sets of speakers on the amp, need at least some audio for the ride. I don't care how bad it will sound as come Sunday, I'll have time to fix it, get parts, make it right, etc...

    Previous owner, 2 subs wired as mono to amp, so screws are in speaker1+ and speaker2- right now.
    If I have 4 + and 4 - wires (1 +/- set a piece for front r/l and rear r/l), should I just connect all 4+ to the speaker1+ and all 4- to the speaker2-? Front/Rear/Right/Left should have no affect on mono setup, right? This should work for just the day I need it to I hope...
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    it's not that easy.

    at the very least, the only setup i can comfortably recommend is to connect the + of the first speaker to the amp, and then connect the - to the + of the next speaker, and continue until the last speaker, where you can the - to the amp again.

    it will be quiet, but will work without blowing anything up..
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