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  • Looking for an Amp

    Hey, I'm new to these forums =)

    I'm starting to build my first sub/amp/box system. I'm planning on getting 2 SA-10 D4's and am looking for an AMP that could power these bad boys. The problem is I'm trying to stay around $250-300 or lower if possible. If someone could point me in some direction on an amp, or even what to look for, that'd be awesome.


    Specs for SA-10s: (I'm getting 2)


    Sundown Audio SA-10 10" Subwoofer
    Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils
    Tinsel Leads Secured to Spider
    Strong Adhesives and Materials
    600 Watt RMS Power Handling


    FS : 31.6 Hz
    Qts : 0.45
    Qes : 0.49
    Qms : 5.64
    VAS : 21.9 L
    Mms : 187.4 g
    Mounting depth = 6"
    Cut out: 9 3/16"
    OD with gasket: 10 3/8"
    XMAX: 19mm one way

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    To get an amp that can push about 1200w RMS for under 300 is a bit unlikely. You may have to go with a not so much namebrand such as this amp here. It's a dual channel amp that's rated at 400w RMS on each channel. I know Pyle isn't the best of all brands and usually over rate their power output on their amps but their Dryver series are supposed to be pretty accurate from what I hear. Wire each sub as 2ohms and you should be good to go.
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      or plan to run the subs with about 200-300w rms. anything over that is going to be much pricy-er then $300...
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