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ford focus, wiring loom for radio 2010 59 plate

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  • ford focus, wiring loom for radio 2010 59 plate

    hi guys,

    i've got a 59 plate ford focus, and was pefectly happy with the onboard sound system, until it got smashed up... now, ive got the following:

    Aux In socket, usb port, are on the car wiring loom into the back of existing stereo... now ive got a SOT-092s sot lead, for this... and wanna splice a USB cable, Aux 3.5mm jack plug, onto the socket behind the radio (replacing the radio)

    i also wanna splice into the steering stalk wires... i believe i have figured these out , just need to get the MM and confirm first though

    can somebody please help me with this... any wiring diagrams etc


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    BTW> im in uk england,,, 2010 car... (mk2.5 face lift ford focus, and to clarify... my aux jack socket and usb socket are in centre console arm rest... to the ford wiring loom plug 9in the sot lead plug) the idea of sot lead is so i dont alter factory wiring...

    i wanna put a computer side plug onto the wiring loom... so as to be able to plug into a car pc system (utilising my cars features and not hacking at my dash :P)