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  • Help in BMW E65


    I am planing to install a Carputer in my BMW 745i 2002. The audio system is optics. I already bought Audiovox FM100A FM Modulator with IST2 Isolation Transformer to use it as input to sound.
    Now, as my Carputer have optics output, I am thinking of connecting the optics from my Carputer to my car audio system.

    How can I connect it?


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    At least I'd like to know the diagram of audio system in E65, please. I searched but ended up with nothing.


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      :shrug: i doubt there is any way to tie into the stock system-- while both use optic cabling-- it is similar to installing a semi truck motor in a small car-- yes they both need motors, but the way that the motor works with the rest of the vehicle is completely different.
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        Thanks. But as you see there are many multimedia intefaces. right now, i am using NavTool. It just add another source of vedio inout while keeping the original one, how about audio. As I undestand from you that there is no way to find such an interface!.

        Even with my FM Modulator that I mentioned, I still did not find where to install it.