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How do I control my Sony Head Unit via USB?

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  • How do I control my Sony Head Unit via USB?

    I have a Sony MEX-R5 Head Unit that has an input for a wired remote. In the past, I connected my steering wheel remote controls to the unit via a Pac-SWC interface.

    Now, I have a Tablet running Windows 7, and I would like to use it to control the Sony. I plan to eventually install a Front End (either Centrafuse or RoadRunner), but for now, I am just focusing on controlling the head unit from Windows. I assume that I need some sort of hardware interface that has a USB plug on one end (to connect to the tablet), and a 3.5 connector to plug into the MEX-R5 where the SWC interace plugged in.

    I have searched for someone covering this territory, but have been unsuccessful. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    there really isn't a easy method. you might be able to use a software like Girder and a fusion brain, but that is as far as my knowledge stretches...
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