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Double din headunit issues

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  • Double din headunit issues

    Hi i posted this in the wrong place before so i moved it here, mods can pls delete the wiki i created by mistake

    so my names Wesley, from south africa, sttumbled on this site while googling my problems that im having with my headunit in my car, hope you guys can help.

    so a week ago i bought a chinese headunit,double din touchscreen with all the features, dvd, nav, tv, bluetooth etc.

    but im having the following problems with it:

    1. Does not play music off the micro sd card for music, the music sort or stops and starts continously, iv tried different things like changing th file systems on the card and trying different cards doesnt help, but the music will play in the navi slot via the windows ce player in the navi.

    2. when i play Mp3s off the Usb slot certain songs are heavily distorted at any volume, and the equalizer on the headunit shows all the bars at full. its like the output from the deck is clipping before it reaches the amplification stage, can i somehow access this and adjust this? even with the bass and treble at negative it still distorts, and its not with all songs, its very annoying.

    when i play a normal cd off the deck, it plays fine no distortion.

    when i play an mp3 disk, i get a little distortion on certain songs.

    all this happens at low volume. and my speakers are fine so they are not the cause.

    If i play songs off the navi section, no distortion.

    what do i do guys? im thinking i should have juts paid twice for a branded deck with half the features, you pay for what you get i guess.

    the headunit is solid and well built, its an 'audiobank unit' if that helps

    I was thinking maybe the bitrate of the songs may be the problem, as the songs with a high bitrate also seems to be the ones that distort. like 320kb/s. the 128kb/s doesnt distort..

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    Originally posted by Wesley View Post
    what do i do guys? im thinking i should have juts paid twice for a branded deck with half the features, you pay for what you get i guess.
    that pretty much summs it up...

    honestly, it sounds like you had some expectations of the unit. i have never read of a good review of those chinese units for anyone who thought it would be a good deal, and come close to comparing to a name-brand unit. i think they make a mediocre factory replacement deck, but wouldn't make any claims that they are even that good most of the time.
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      but i mean i didnt expect to win sound quality contests with it, but certain songs cant even be listened to, with the amount of distortion that comes through at any volume.