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Review of Xtrons Car DVD Players TD714 / TD601 / TD717 / TD712 / TD716 / TD713

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  • Review of Xtrons Car DVD Players TD714 / TD601 / TD717 / TD712 / TD716 / TD713

    Review of Xtrons Car DVD Players TD714 / TD601 / TD717 / TD712 / TD716 / TD713

    To begin with I would like to appologise if anyone here feels that this post is inappropriate, but i would like to save somebody from the hell ive gone through, and expenses ive paid out on this unit, which is frankly a POS...

    I've tried to post it into the most approriate forum space, but if a mod feels its better located elsewhere, then please do move it (hopefully that wont be to a dustbin lol)


    These are MY opinions, but I am certain that I am speaking for MANY other users out there at this point...

    Also be aware of the following: Xtrons Terminates support for its members for raising issues of the bugs with its products...

    I was using Xtrons Forums under the name of wpearsall2k4 (the same as my eBay account)...

    I had purchased a TD601 system from the company via one of their many alias's (but same company) Atlas


    Now I raise the concerns that Xtrons is trading under the following names on eBay:
    Atlas-Car-Sys, BlackSilverTech and then both of these companies send payment to UG Electronics PayPal

    account... That in my opinion is enough evidence that both of these companies are UG Electronics. The next

    point i raise is that UG Electronics IS Xtrons, as can be noted on their website "about us" page... Xtrons is a

    brand developed by UG Electronics...

    On my time on the Xtrons Forums ( it can be seen I was a productive member of the

    community group, never causing any problems for the other members... I did raise issues with the

    moderators / tech support: Emily and Catherine on a number of occassions...

    The posts were subsiquently removed from the forum, obviously since the posts would show up the various

    errors with all of the products supplied by Xtrons.

    To list a few of the errors:
    > SD Card does not support the advertised 32GB capacity... Infact if you put the more than about 500MB of

    music on the SD Card it infact makes the unit crash out... the same can be said about the USB support...

    > Bluetooth connection is faulty... It either does not pair on startup or drops out mid call... This has been

    tested with a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5230, Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Wildfire... ALL are the


    > Bluetooth Mic Level is very poor... The built in mic is in a position that if you are talking on the phone, you

    have litterally got to shout for the other party to hear yourself...

    > Pre-Amps are not the advertised 2vRMS - you WILL need either a Line Driver or a Line Out Converter (I

    did not test a line driver as I don't have one, but the Line Out Converter will add noise to a system. For a pro,

    this is not a good choice... The same can be said about the sub woofer output - thus terminating the 4.1

    preamp support (since this is essentially useless...)

    > 4x45WATT speaker output - very poor quality... You get a high pitch sound at any volume above about 25

    marks (the unit i have goes up to 39... so barely over half way volume) PLUS my Sony HU with 4x45WATT

    output for speakers is LOUDER at half volume than this unit at full volume... (you get what you pay for i know,

    but still)

    > DVD Playback... The system is advertised as a "Multi Region DVD Player" --- DO NOT BE FOOLED... Both the TD714 (g) and TD601 (g) ONLY SUPPORTS NTSC... Europe (including the UK) and many other countries only sell DVDs with a Region Code of 2 (PAL) - So this unit will usually refuse to play the DVDs correctly.

    > Start up of the system...
    The ACC wire draws more power than it is supposed to... Xtrons fobbed it off as my cars wiring... (dont think so since every after market HU ive tried, Including my brothers Pioneer DVD player will work correctly)
    It requires such a draw on the ACC wire that you WILL risk burning out your cars wiring loom...(i wired mine in via a relay, luckily i put an inline fuse, because it blew a 7.5A imagine what it could of done... / set on fire...)

    > Radio Signal is VERY POOR... You will need to purchase an Inline antenna booster... Even then you will be lucky to get a decent radio signal (looking at circa a fiver on ebay)

    > Fitting Kit supplied is inappropriate... You will require a cage... no get out... so look at paying about twenty quid for this.... (eBay Liquid Ice 2008 or Radio World)

    > Supplied Trim is not Standard ISO 2Dinn Size... so a new trim will be required... LUCKILY when you spend the extra 20 quid on the cage, it should come with the appropriate trim... (eBay)

    > Video Output to External Monitor...
    The video output to an external monitor is very poor... and infact unless you have NTSC headrest monitors this function will be useless... as the unit will only supply an NTSC feed, so colours / scaling ETC is all wrong...

    In this day and age, you would expect ALL hardware to support firmware updates... This is not the case. These units have numerous faults... all of which a simple firmware update could fix... the problem is, there is no way for the end user to update these systems, unless your willing to void your warranty and have a patch cable... to connect to the mainboard... and obviously the correct firmware...
    Xtrons do not intend for end users to recieve further support... Infact once your paid, thats you on your own in essence...

    There are many more major points... but in all I would say: DO NOT BUY AN XTRONS UNIT... They are feature packed at a low price... This price represents quality... I know you can get some bargains online... but this is really not one of the cases...

    In fact, Xtrons have seamed to take a step backwards... In Feb 2010 i purchased a TD712, but the TD601 being a newer model, seams to be more flawed than the TD712...

    Customizable Home Screen (change the screen colours / logos to a preset number of deigns...
    - the td712 featured this, but the TD601, despite allowing me to customize the logo to my Ford logo (i like this, instead of seeing the xtrons logo - it looks more OEM) appears to have removed it?

    Bring up the "Home" screen without stopping DVD playback...
    ( i could go to the home / source menu with the dvd playing, if i click src on this model the dvd/CD stops, and then i have to wait for the dvd/cd to reload before resuming playback... this takes ages??? - why does it not continue playback, as it does with the radio / bluetooth a2dp?)

    PAL system for DVD / SD / USB
    This unit does have it, the 712 did???



    I like the real buttons... however they do need to be pressed firmly to work...?

    i like the fact if i black out the screen it doesnt come back on if i skip the track - my 712 did... this i found annoying... every button press made the screen come on

    i like the orange / blue changing light - my dash lights are orange so blend more OEM...

    The reverse gear isnt muting my sound... it does however stop me altering the volume (louder / quieter) when in reverse gear... - something when i asked my seller he said selecting reverse gear would mute the volume... (apparently he was wrong, but im GLAD - it means i dont have to put a "off switch" like i did on my 712 unit...


    some improvements.... these can be fixed with a firmware update...???

    resolve design consistency...

    - on the radio we have a clock in the centre top... it appears no where else??? - i like this feature, as it means i keep my car clock for passengers (i have one on my dashboard, but since i use Bluetooth / SD / DVD its not handy having no clock...) ... you could put a DISP option to show the current system time... i dont care how far into a song i am, i much prefer knowing the current time? and it should most certainly be displayed on the homescreen?

    - volume is displayed constantly on the radio... this i understand isnt a good idea for sd/dvd etc due to the video nature... but in bluetooth there is no way to adjust the tone (bass/treble) without using the remote control??? - in DVD we use a tap and tap the vol: to switch between the different options...
    im guessing different departments work on the software and its pieced together at the end... hence the design fluctuations...? (i guess this is the reason for no customisation except blue/orange?
    The sales teams (see above about names) are very rude, patronising, and - well to be frank - CRAP... The same can be seen about the Tech support...

    IF you are willing to purchase one of these units, I URGE you... PLEASE READ THE FORUMS FIRST!!!.



    The units provide no real upgradeability... no flexibility... Even if you purchase a GPS model, you can Access the Windows CE OS but your limited as to what you can do in it, infact you cant access the USB ports, or any other hardware, as this is all controlled by the DVD rom controller... The GPS is just visible / audioable as it overrides the video / audio switch...

    I was banned from the forum for the reason of bringing up the problems and the fact the Bluetooth Didnt follow set protocols, and pretty much every other fault mentioned above... yet this is attacking the forum? HOW? SEE BELOW... - i highly doubt a reputable manufacturer would follow this set layout... Infact, i've never had any need to badmouth a Sony brand ETC as every time i contacted support with ANY fault it was a case of "we'll come and collect it for you" and they repaired it, and dropped it back, AT THEIR OWN COST (NOT MINE)... like any other major brand... Xtrons expect you to ship it to China at YOUR cost... even though faults should of been resolved at RnD (see the following post...)
    SD card crashes out the unit....
    connection of rear screens - lack of pal...
    (i like this little line)
    I just consulted our factory and they told me that the PAL system on TD714G was unstable so it had been cancelled. But the instructions haven't been updated. As some headrest screens could be changed from PAL to NTSC, they hadn't paid attention on this problem.
    Please don't worry, we have asked our factory to make a stable PAL system for TD714G. They told us that they might need about 25 days to finish it. Then we will provide you the upgrade software.
    Would you see a Sony / Samsung / ETC brand just CANCEL a feature... No chance... they would resolve the issue!


    Wayne Pearsall

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    Your account will be blocked for inspection.
    Please keep in mind the construction of forum is to help each other, not for venting emotion.
    Speech is free but based on harmony of forum.
    Any hostile attack to forum is forbidden.
    Your understanding would be appreciated.
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    On an additional note i would like to also Add that IF you have problems with these units, the tech support are useless, it may be worth approaching your Credit Card / Debit Card companies for a charge back... Please note that under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (United Kingdom) your purchase must go
    but most of the sales are via ebay so go

    so Section 75 will not apply, and the CHARGEBACK is a right of the supplying BANK not THE CONSUMER, so you have to make your case to your credit card / debit card issuer to convince them that a chargeback is appropriate... (this is usually in the form of an independant assessment, with all the evidence that the supplier is being uncoopererative...)

    Ive never actually been down this route before, as to be fair, despite purchasing goods from china ALOT (as most people on these forums im sure do) most of the goods actually work pretty damn well...

    Even my TD712 from Xtrons worked pretty decently... bearing in mind that the sellers did not make FALSE claims about SD CARD capacities ETC (they simply said "supports SD card and USB" etc... but this unit


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      Im surprised they have not completely shut down their forum as this is all i read when i was srolling the forum site. Nothing but P@#$ed off customers.


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        thats exactly what i i say, i owned a TD712 last year, but when i got my new focus,i decided to ditch it for the ~"stock"~ top of the range (non satnav) unit ford did...

        and it served me well... untill it got damaged... and the front is all smashed up so i thought "ahh 125 quid, no problem... - their not that bad for the price..." but omg... you dont expect a piece of hardware to take 20 steps back from an older model...

        the way their staff talk they seam to think the firmware options should represent the price... for instance: the TD713 has a phonebook feature... the TD714 DOES NOT have this feature...

        fair be it, the TDXXX G models have GPS... and are considerably more expensive (about 120 quid more at least...)

        Ive not got the GPS models as my mobile suits me on the screen mount (if i need it a large picture i could of switch to Aux Video to put the video on the screen...) but oh these units dont work properly... and Xtrons' first approach is "if its not working the end user is at fault" not possible for their items to be defective...

        and then they also flout international laws and recommend you ship items at a reduced rate... (this is actually a crime punishable by prison sentences if your caught doing it)... which i dont understand either way since they have a "UK Repair centre" (advertised on every website they have) why cant this repair centre upgrade the firmware on units, or actually do what a repair centre does, AND REPAIR UNITS?

        instead they expect you to ship items to china, which will cost you about 30 quid or more... as the items are 3+ kilo


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          Originally posted by wayneox View Post
          you get what you pay for i know
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

          Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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            well, i have never read of a decent review of the chinese touch screen units, and one more gets added to that list..

            honestly though, for only a 120 pounds, you've gotten off easy. i have blown twice that on poor chinese junk...
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

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            carpc undecided


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              thanks to the originator of this post, i was just about to buy one, i did have reservations, having worked in china and having experience. although to be fair they do make some good stuff, but hard to find LOL.
              Any way thank you for providing me with the info, i am shocked and will not be buying one, and now i continue to look at my budget at circa 200-250