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Confused about Dolby Mobile

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  • Confused about Dolby Mobile

    I have an Acer Iconia A100 that will soon be going into my truck. It has "Dolby Mobile."

    The site says that it can do 5.1 through the headphones jack. Is it just me, or does this not make any sense? Do I need a special cable or something?

    I was just gonna get a cheap amp 'cause I figured I would only be using 2 channels (Don't have a sub yet.) but maybe I should get a decent 5 channel amp if the output is going to be decent. (I don't know much about amps, so if I seem like I don't know what i'm talking about, please correct me) Though I will have stock speakers for atleast a little while, and I don't know if I'll ever put a sub in(Would love to, but there's no damn room in this truck!)

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    basically, this is a special software that makes 2 speakers 'sound' like 5.1 speakers. with headphones, it can work pretty good, but i have not had those types of effects work so well in areas where there is a physical separation of the speakers and the listeners head(like there is in a car, or a open room). so if possible, disable the software.

    as for the needed cables-- there are no special cables for this-- all you need is a stereo 3.5mm cable.
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      Okay, so it's just an effect. That makes more sense. The site seems to be claiming true 5.1 sound.

      I was looking into this a bit more, and someone said (on XDA, I believe) that the signal is encoded differently. That confused me, 'cause I usually think of 3.5s as analog. They said that if they put their stereo into "matrix" mode (whatever that is) that the dolby mobile worked really well. I dono. I'll just pretend I don't have it. Don't need 5.1 in the truck anyway.