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Alpine KTP-445 in headless setup. Low Volume.

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  • Alpine KTP-445 in headless setup. Low Volume.

    This weekend I installed the KTP-445 and plugged the input side into my tablet.
    I'm not able to get much volume out of my speakers and am curious if anyone knows what I did wrong.
    attached is a simple wiring diagram I made.
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    I think I figured out what the issue is.
    The KTP-445 is expecting speaker level inputs which my tablet just can't produce.
    I really want to keep it simple and not use a head unit so I guess I need a different amp. Any Recommendations?


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      If the amp is really looking for a more amplified input then you could try putting in a line driver between the output of the tablet and the input of the amplifier.

      I imagine something like this could do the job:
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        Thanks for your reply.
        I am so disappointed by the way this amp situation has transpired that I'm going to ditch it in favor of a completely different amp that does line level input.
        will be posting new thread with questions about my intended setup.
        Thanks again for your input.


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          ^ nope, he still need's a regular amp..

          the most popular option has been 'motorcycle amps' on ebay, though also has started offering a similar model amp. either are quite cheap, and smaller then average amps.
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            Thanks everyone for your help. I bought a Kicker 4 channel AMP Model 11DX200.4. Didn't use the Alpine at all.
            I must say it has by far exceeded my expectations. I am still using the stock junk speakers that came in the car for now. That will be my next project. I will be posting details in the completed project section if anyone else is interested in a headless android tablet project.