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Car Audio with Creative Inspire 4.1 4400

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  • Car Audio with Creative Inspire 4.1 4400

    Hi Members,

    I have spare car audio ( alphine CDA 9886), which I thought of connecting it with the Creative Inspire 4.1 computer speakers for usage at home. Creative has its own adapter for powering up the woofer. I need to have one adapter to connect to car audio.

    Apart from this, the main part, the car audio has 4 jacks ( left and right for front and rear speaker ) + subwoofer left and right jack, where as the creative has only 2 jacks. How do we couple these ?. Any pointer will be of great help/.

    Also, the max output from alphine is 50w x 4. where as the creative speaker specs says 6W RMS per channel...


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    just connect this to the fornt audio output, and it should all work once powered up:
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      Thank you. But will it sound good .. how will be the sound quality. Is it worth doing this...