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Audio level with Carpc lower then expected.

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  • Audio level with Carpc lower then expected.

    I have a somewhat of a loud system. A 2500 watt amp for the Sub & 800 watt amp for the components. Before I put in the computer I was using a head unit and it was pretty loud. I had it professionally installed and tuned. Now that I don't have a Head unit I have to have the gains all the way up on the amps and it still is not close to what it originally was with the head unit. Any one else run into this same problem? I alway thought you should have the "wave volume" around 70-80% to prevent distortion & possible clipping. Is this correct? Or should I have the wave volume and everything else up in the computer sound panel? I did use Mp3gain to Analyze the mp3's to prevent clipping. Don't know if it works that well but that is what I did.


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    Sound cards have a lower output voltage, which means a weaker audio signal.
    You need a means to up the voltage, either with a better sound card or a pre-amp.

    I'm probably over-simplifying it, but that is the general gist of your issue.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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