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hope some1 can help

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  • hope some1 can help

    Hi i came across 2 12" subs that are 350 rms per sub and a friend said i could have his 1300 watt amp which is 320 rms and wanted to know would this run the subs and sound alright as skint at mo but will get a bigger amp soon? Also it has 5 channels.Hope some1 can help me please.Thanks.

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    Hello anyone.


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      What is make & model of amp
      That will help

      If I was too judge of knowing that it's a five channel and that it only does 350 Watts all together or just off the sub channel
      You will be under powering your subs extremely.

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        I love it - a "1300W" amp which is "320W RMS". So watt sort of Watts is the 1300? (Apart from another useless measurement designed to grab suckers that fall for it.)

        That's not a crit of you - you obviously know its RMS rating. I only recite it as another example of advertising bullsh.

        You should be able to use the amp on one sub if the impedances (resistances) match - ie, 320WRMS into a 1 Ohm sub etc.

        You may be able to use both subs if wired for a suitable impedance, but there may not be much point. It may be better driving one to full output than both to half output.

        As to how it would sound, you'll just have to try it, or get reviews on your setup.
        Sound "quality" has little to do with power.

        The other 4 channels will be for "normal" speakers.