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Questions about civic audio, LOC, sub and amp

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  • Questions about civic audio, LOC, sub and amp

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Marc and i just bought an '06 civic ex. The first thing i did is informing me about the howto install an amp and a aftermarket sub into my new baby.

    I have read plenty of articles and view many youtube videos. I think i'm catching the trick. But before i jump and buy all the stuff that i need, i have some basics questions that i think you'll be able to answer.

    First of all i was thinking about not removing the original radio, because i don't want to mess up the dash or someting (lol). I saw that we can buy some pretty good LOC that do the job. In my model of civic it have an genuine 8'' sub that come with an amp.. I was thinking, can i split directly the audio cable of the sub and connect it to the LOC and after that conect the LOC to my aftermarket AMP.. OR shoud i use my two back speaker cables to split and to plug into my LOC.
    I hope you see my idea, but i dont know if i plug the genuine sub that already have an market AMP and i plug it into my own amp.. will the sound be great or not? is it a good idea or should i stay with the two back speaker?

    Thx alot for your responces and your time!


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    Not that I'm an audio expert, but....

    I agree with NOT cutting original wiring - especially multi-wire connectors as behind radios etc.
    That's not so much for any resale value, but to save later hassles for yourself or the next owner (ie, you if the last owner cut stuff).
    Instead use adaptor cables etc.

    I presume you mean to NOT use the existing sub. IE - why use 2 subs etc. But you want to use your existing speakers (ie, the L & R, not sub).
    That could be tricky - matching new amp power to existing speakers etc.
    You may be better off replacing the lot.

    Of course, the above depends on WHY? Does it have insufficient volume? Poor sound? Or do you just want to $spend?

    Incidentally, removing the radio should not mess up the dash. There will be a way of doing it without damage or later rattles.
    And I'd probably start with the HU. If that is not good, then nothing else will be.
    Besides, does it have the modern iPod and front USB & stick features? It would be a pity to have to re-change your downstream stuff if you change the HU later...

    And I congratulate you on looking before you leap. But this site does attract quality people (myself excluded of course!).

    PS - An LOC may not be required. It depends on your final setup. Amps might use HU line outs or speaker outs.
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      thx for your answers! I found a shema and youtube video that explain howto remove radio dash easily

      And i had found an adapter that directly fit on the market radio and split wires witout having to cut it! Its an aoem-hon17 (i think i am ready to buy my sub