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  • passive crossover help

    Hi i got some 3 way component speakers with mid,tweeters and passive crossovers but NO diagram to show how to wire them.
    Could someone please help me as need to know how to wire it up so if someone could draw me a diagram or something would be real grateful please.
    I dont know what wires go to the input side of crossover or the output side,as you can tell im real crap when it comes to this stuff.Thanks for any help.

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    There should be labels on the xover. If not, take a pic and post. Some will have a single ground point, one input and outputs lables low, high. Some also have one labeled tweet, mid, woofer and IN. On the bottom, there may be a diagram with this on it showing various sized speakers. Lastly, you may be able to google the brand of speakers and download the manual from the support section on the company website.