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Wiring car speakers to AMP

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  • Wiring car speakers to AMP

    Bought a used car not too long ago(2000 Firebird without monsoon system). I'm attempting to replace the crappy aftermarket head unit/cd player that the guy had in there with a tablet. My plan is to output to the RCA cables already ran to the head unit. However, the Amp that the RCA cables are ran too, only powers the subs. I am looking for the easiest way to have the Amp power the car speakers so that my tablets audio output will be played via the speakers. Can anyone offer some advice?

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    You need an additional or different amp.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Could you point me towards an amplifier that would power everything? Sorry if the questions I am asking seem a bit obvious, I am new to car audio and am more of a software guy typically.


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        depends on how much u wanna spend on an amp and how loud u want it .a 400x4 amp will give u 100 watts on all channels more or less. the best choices would be alpine,pioneer,JL, or something else thats name brand. right now i'm using a cheap alpine unit called KTP-445U and it's good if u wanna just get some amped audio. i'm going to end up putting a PDX-V9 in thee which is a 5 channel amp . best bet look on amazon for good deals and check reviews out .also depending on the wattage of the amp ur going to have to replace the speakers as the factory speakers will most likely burn out from and aftermarket amp of a too high voltage. or u can use something like this

        the alpine one


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          the stock speakers will actually work OK with a new amp. They will distort at higher volumes than they were meant to handle and if you want to listen to music at those levels then you will know to replace them. Get the amp by itself, first. See how you like the sound, as it is, then decide if you need to upgrade the speakers or not. Sincerely, the hardest part is connecting them to the factory harness (my car had proprietary connectors that I really didn't want to try soldering onto my new Alpine speakers).
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            Thanks for all of the input, the alpine one looks like what I need. So if I order that, would using an RCA cable splitter and hooking the cables up to both the RCA into the sub amp and the RCA into the new alpine amp allow sound output to all speakers properly?


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              yea if you use the splitters split them off the rear rcs' the purple and green wires.also Ryven u can buy those speaker adapters if u check out Best BUY. i worked there for about 2 years in the install bay and they have most of the common adapters ie: gm,ford,honda.and i forgot to mention that u should get the amp first and see how it sounds .when u use the splitter u might now have adjustment on bass from the tablet unless u get some equalizer program for it if ur going ipad route, equalizer pro is very nice and android there's a program called equalizer. also u wil probably have to adjust the sub-woofer gains to match up with the alpine amp .on the alpine amp it also has adjustment for gains and frequencies which is nice .