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Audio from Motherboard to amplifier...NOOB question

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  • Audio from Motherboard to amplifier...NOOB question

    I think I have a handle on this, but wanted to be sure. I have an Intel ATOM DN2800MT motherboard. This thing is so self contained, I don't see a lot of room to expand it other than USB. Well I was wondering if I could just run the audio off the board to an external amp and go from there. I think I can use a 3.5mm plug to dual RCA spliter cable to run into the amp, but now I'm not sure what to do for the front/rear fading. This board supposedly supports 4 channel audio, which sucks as I would need to break a sub out of that somehow, but it only has the Green/Pink connectors. Green being audio, pink being mic. Any thoughts?

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    Motherboards integrated sound output level is quite low, if you don't like buy HQ soundcard with 2V output, I recommend to buy Equalizer ex. Clarion EQS746. Just use 3.5mm plug to dual RCA spliter cable to run sound into EQ, and from EQ to amplifiers. Then you have 7 volts output level, equalizer, fader, sub out etc.


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      ^ good recommendation on the eq unit.

      cars are all kind of odd in the fact that they have the same audio signal on the front and rear speakers. most computers don't have the option to control rear fill because they are expecting a surround source that has 4-encoded channels within the signal. most audio is only 2 channels, so most computers only play it on the front 2 speakers.

      some computer's with the realtek driver have a option in the sound settings to "enable rear fill" which will allow a 2ch source to be played on all the speakers, though i have never had a board with that option so i don't know the in's and out's of that feature.

      otherwise, if you absolutely need fading capabilities, a external eq is the easiest and cheapest method to get that feature..
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        I might use the S/PDIF out from the motherboard or USB sound device, then a DAC or "Digital to Analog Audio Converter" ($20 on eBay). If there's enough output from the DAC, I might get away with a couple of passive pots for volume and front/rear fader, but an active 12V preamp and line driver would be a safer bet. An equalizer might add enough gain to get away with just passive volume and faders. Too bad there aren't more head units or processors with S/PDIF inputs. But since I have one, what I'd really do is just feed the S/PDIF into the Panasonic surround processor, and use its volume control, subwoofer, and rear channel outputs.


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          Found this thread through a search, that EQ is exactly what I'm looking for. Now I need something else to fill the other 1/2 of the DIN slot that this will go in. Any suggestions?
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