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FM Modulator (Switching Box) not working?

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  • FM Modulator (Switching Box) not working?

    Hello, fantastic forum, lots to learn.

    It's 2002 Odyssey, Cd player, NO nav/cd changer, DVD player WAS removed from ceiling. So I have hanging 4pin connector, it has 12VDC, and male headset jack.
    I plugged my mp3 player in the jack, scanned all FM frequency individually and I can't hear anything.

    I traced the wire to back of the cup holders, underneath the stereo.
    FM Switching Box, TMXR2000FMSB. I took the box apart, there are no frequency I can select.

    So how do I make this work? I assumed it worked for the previous owner before he removed the DVD player.
    I googled and just ebay items, no manuals.
    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you

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    I see that there were views on this post, but no replies with any solution or comment. So I did more investigating and this is what I found out.
    It's an FM Direct Adapter NOT FM Transmitter, it needs 5v from the audio source to turn ON the box to eliminate FM signal, so it's used for Satellite Radios.

    From Crutchfield:
    This FM Direct Adapter is not a stand-alone FM modulator and cannot connect to the headphone or audio output of other external audio sources; it must connect to the 2.5mm FM output on a compatible satellite radio receiver.

    Detailed info on how it works:

    Now I'm on the search if it's possible to make this FM Direct into and FM Transmitter (with wiring changes). That way it's direct to FM station