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Mount Carputer on Subwoofer box

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  • Mount Carputer on Subwoofer box

    I'm wanting to mount my Carputer on a large subwoofer box as this is the best location I can think of.

    The carputer has a 2.5" hard drive with a Mini-itx motherboard inside the VoomPC-2 enclosure.

    The sub box is the JL Audio 10W7

    and the carputer will be screwed to the back (the slanted part).

    I don't listen to Rap or dance tunes and I'm more interested in sound quality so although it will occasionally be loud it won't be constantly pounding.

    Is there any obvious negatives why I shouldn't do this ???

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    if it was an ssd hdd, yea it would be ok, but i wouldnt mount a mechanical drive on anything with mass vibrations, longevity is the key here.
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      While I'd agree with ephect above... I'm just going to say in my experience, since I've had the carpc installed (going on 4 years) the hard drive is still working like a champ.
      This is a 2.5" drive like you mention, and I have the laptop base mounted behind the screen in my dash. This is a fairly solid connection with no added padding for the drive.
      I also have my car lowered, so it takes bumps a bit harder than a normal car. The only problem I've run into with the drive is on extremely cold mornings (only once this year) the drive wasn't detected upon starting the car. So I was glaring at a "non-detected boot device error" until I rebooted the PC a few minutes later.

      My first fear would be the magnet on the sub... but realistically, shouldn't make a difference looking at the distance from it and the PC.

      Your mileage may vary...Good luck with the install!
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