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  • my half din quest

    long time viewer first time poster so if this is in the wrong place someone please move.

    im my pursuit of making a car pc i have come down to using my galaxy plus 7.0 with a standard aftermarket stereo head. my problem is getting it all to fit i wish some one made a half din cd/radio/bluetooth but no such luck. so i stared with looking at pioneer and wired lcd remotes but i hate the way they look and finding a lighted momentary tactile switch set with all the emblems needed to mod my own has eluded me. next i looked at just putting a standard head unit below my dash (just like but i dont like how far out the stereo sits. also i was thinking if i could find a 7" flip out stereo that could be used completely from the face plate i could remove the lcd portion of the unit and set it under the stereo.

    ive done a lot of searching on my own what im wondering is if anyone on this site has advice or has found a solution to anything listed above. im trying to keep it as simple as possible but i still want a clean install. btw i drive an 05 kia spectra5 now but this setup will transfer to my 97 Thunderbird in the future so a solution that i could use in either would be best. i dont mind modding and im an accomplished solderer. thanks!