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    I know that there are a few different suggestions about audio setup on this forum, but I have tried searching for an answer/suggestions to my particular issue, and found nothing. Basically, I've got an 03 mkiv golf with what looks like the original 'head unit', a VW Gamma radio with a CD slot above it as a separate 'unit'. The code on the radio says 'vwz3z3x7533855'. I have Googled this, but not really come across anything useful. It has five connectors on the back; two slim ones (a black and a brown), and three square ones (blue, green and yellow) (blue says 'for CD', Green says 'Ext Disp', Yellow says 'Ext Amp'. The yellow one doesn't have any wires in it at all, but does have a 'block' in it. At the side of all that is a 10 amp fuse. The CD block, I'm assuming that the CD above the radio is plugged into that, haven't got a clue what 'Ext Disp' means at all, 'Ext Amp' (is this where I would plug my Car PC music output into, via an 'Amplifier', in order to connect my PC to my car speakers? The Black and brown, well I guess these must be the speaker and power connectors. Essentially, I'm wanting to plug my Car PC audio port into my Car speakers. What is the best way of doing this, with ideally the minimum of fuss? Thanks in advance for your help. Oh, almost forgot, I may also want to plug a mobile phone into the system as well (the car does appear to have a mobile antenna fitted around the side at the back, so there may be equipment in there that I haven't seen yet)

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    Ext disp means external display ---> connection to the info display (may be optional)
    ext amp means external amplifier---> connection to an amplifier , in your case optional since there are no wires in it
    for cd is correct , it goes to the cd player

    as for your carpc , I dont know if your radio has an audio in port , if it does it will be a lot easier.

    and if you are going to use a carpc , wouldnt it be easier to let the phone connect to the carpc , that way you wont have to switch devices on your radio
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