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  • Emergency help sound card

    I have a zotac 1.6g processor, 2g ram. I need opticle out so I got a behringer 202 and creative xfi 5.1. Both are giving me choppy audio, sounds like buffering issues. I used the generic drivers and the manufacturer drivers and got the same results. I got the asio4all to increase the buffer and latency and still get the same problem. I see after the fact that the creative needs a 2.2g processor, but can't find any specs on the behringer. This is crazy that I these soundcards need processors that powerful. Does anybody have any ideas to either get one of these cards to work properly, or suggest a good quality card that has opticle out that's not as power hungry?

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    I use a cheap usb soundcard with an optical out , only drawback it has is that when the driver loads yu get a thump , so I set my thump timeout to compensate for it.

    I have dual core 1.7 Ghz and also 2gb ram , my cpu load when RR runs and plays music is about 9%

    Don't know if its sold in the US but I bet there are similar products available
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      Check your sample rate in control panel settings, my PC is out of my truck right now but if I recall, I had to change it to 48000hz from 44100 to work right. It's in the advanced tab.
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        Thats a good suggestion PhilG , didn't think of that
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          I have the same problem with mine, and traced it to high CPU load causing dropped bits, kind of like dropped frames of music.

          I disabled a bunch of services, and turned off some stuff that checks for java updates and things like that.

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            Everything is set to 48khz.
            I thought it was the processor load as well, but right now my system is near barebone. I only have 43 processes which I believe is standard, CPU NEVER passes 30%, averaging 22% with music playing, and memory is at 29%. I'll search through the services to see what I can turn off. Any suggestions? Do things have to be disabled or can i just make them manual. Only thing I don't want to interfere with is anything that will affect multimedia and general Internet.
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              My CPU load is always spiking when I start hearing clicks, but it also happens when I drive around the backside of our office buildings, and my WiFi starts discovering lots of networks.

              Just for S&G you might want to try disabling your network adapter and test.

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                ok, i disabled a crap load of services as well as the bluetooth and wifi adapter. got it down to 30 running services and cpu load to maxing out at 17% just playing music. i dont think cpu load is the cause of my problems, because when i run a couple programs bringing the load up to 45% im not getting any issues. over the next few days ill leave it as is then turn the wifi back on and see what happens. the services i turned off are as follows:

                (from auto to manual)
                _Network location awareness
                _Offline files
                _Print spoil
                _Windows event log
                _Windows firewall
                _background intelligent transfer service...delayed start
                _Ike and authip ipsec keying modules
                _ipsec policy agent
                _windows driver foundation user mode driver framework
                _Windows update
                _Windows defender

                (from auto to disabled)
                _Amd external events utility
                _And fuel functionality
                _Desktop windows manager session manager
                _TCL/IP netbios helper
                _windows search
                _IP helper
                _diagnostic policy service
                _distributed link tracking client
                _base filtering engine
                _dns client

                (from Manual to disable)
                _task scheduler
                _portable device enumerator services
                _ssdp discovery


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                  Originally posted by eugenweij View Post
                  I use a cheap usb soundcard with an optical out , only drawback it has is that when the driver loads yu get a thump , so I set my thump timeout to compensate for it.
                  Is this a PC setting by any chance?

                  Sorry to hijack the thread.....

                  I have similar problems with my X-Fi 5.1 surround and have just got hold of an Audigy NX 2 to switch back to .

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