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Should add more power?

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  • Should add more power?

    Current System :

    MS Zune
    Kenwood x600f
    •4-channel car amplifier
    •100 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (150 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms)
    •fuse rating: 40A x 2
    The Kenwood is powering the sound to 2 6x9 Rocksfords and 2 6x9 Dodge Stock...whatever the heck they put in.

    I have purchased 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Rev. 3 10 inch Subs - RMS 500 Watts Peak 1000

    I am purchasing an amp. Rockford recommends a 1000watt RMS amp that is 1 ohm stable.

    Currently I have a 2 gauge power drop and a 0/1 gauge ground direct from the battery. Both are running to 4 port distribution blocks. From the block I am running 4 gauge to the AMP and the power line is running on a 100amp Fuse. I know I will need to up that but what I am wondering should I up the power. All the 1000 watt amps I have seen call for 4 gauge. So you think if I ran my 4 gauge to the block on my 2 gauge I should be good?

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    I will assume most are thinking no - but I will tell you I did hook up my system - no mods to my lista nd it works fine. can someone close this thread?


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      Well wait... How does it sound? I mean those should be real loud if you got a 1000W amp. Which amp did you get for the subs?

      I only have the RF T400-2 amp which is 120rms x 2 at 4ohms feeding 2 12" p3 shallow subs, and as far as sub goes it's loud enough for me.


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        The Sub amp is - According to Rockford it is 1000Watts at 1ohm the way I have it hooked up. The certification has it rated at just over 1400Watts peak. I wasn't wanting more loud than that just wondering if I should have upgrade my wiring since I was running 2 amps


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          When I ordered my subs I got the loudest thing I could afford...and then bought the amp to compliment it after recommendations from other Rockford owners...and Rockford themselves. Yeah these are plenty loud...the van basically is a large speaker box. I have pictures on my facebook page...


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            What you have listed above looks good, more than enough headroom above recommended with the 2AWG to the block and 4AWG to the amps with beefy ground connection. I doubt you can tolerate the sound pressure it would take to warm up those wires.


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              I figured when I first asked...but I like to check with other people you know...? Also I eventually plan on adding the carputer and some accent know?

              I like to converse about plans as I do them in case I miss something


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                I can say sounds pretty sweet...and I don't even have the amp turned up...LOVE IT!


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                  So are you running a mobile detailing company? I seen lots of equipment and supplies on your facebook page.


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                    I do a little on the side
                    Small time...thinking about going bigger next season...still side work though
                    I am also...what people call...anal...about cleaning