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  • No signal to Subs

    I am not sure if the title is accurate. The issue I am having is I have my pc hooked up to my amp I have a mini to rca for the front and mini to rca for the rear and it works I have audio in front and back. I have now added subwoofers, I have a mini to rca running to the amplifier I have it configured in the sound card for center/subwoofer. I have identified the subwoofer as the red. I have the red hooked up to the amplifier and when I run the test in the sound card I get audio through everything but the sub. If I turn the volume all the way up and test the sub I get sound. I am not sure where I have something wrong. I have tested my levels on the amp tried the half way and all the way up but at normal volume I get nothing. I have checked the levels within the sound card and they are the same as the speakers which work. also I have tried two different sound cards. I have the internal and external. I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I am stuck. Thank you.