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  • JVC KW-NT700 vs JVC KW-NT810HDT?

    I just got a new car and I'm going with a double din this time, I'm was looking at the JVC KW-NT700 but then I just happened to find this other model, the KW-NT810HDT on the US site.
    They are only $100 apart and I can't seem to find any details on either of them with a side by side comparison. Does anyone know what the difference is? The only thing I noticed is the KW-NT810DT is a higher model number, and it SAYS it has 8GB SSD internal storage for the GPS, the KW-NT700 is obviously a lower model number and it just says SSD, doesn't say how much internal memory it has.

    I would really like to buy one of these soon, the stock radio in this my C240 is horrible, it's a Bose system so the sound isn't too bad, could be better but for OEM it's alright, but the head unit.. I don't know what they were thinking.. No AUX, no iPod, no USB and for a 2002 and it being a Mercedes I figured it would have had something like that integrated since that technology was just coming out at the time. It has a tape deck and 6 cd changer in the glove box that only plays regular 80 minute cd's, no mp3 cd's, no data cd's.. and it's bluetooth "ready" but no one told me when buying the car that the "car kit" is $800 and can only be installed by Mercedes..

    So if I'm paying $800 for the car kit, $600 for the iPod adapter which goes in place of the CD changer port, I'm at $1400 and both of these top of the line double din head units are less then that.

    Back on topic.. Does anyone know what the difference is between these?
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