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Front passenger side speakers decided to stop working

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  • Front passenger side speakers decided to stop working

    So, as much background as possible:

    I've been working on a full car sound deadening project with materials from Sound Deadener Showdown. This has been going on for quite some time, so the car was not driven for quite some time. I also replaced all of the wiring except RCA's with KnuKonceptz products.

    The car is nearly done, all that is left is putting the door panels on, which is where I ran into issues...

    Here's what I'm running for audio right now, I'll just it all:

    The speakers in question: Alpine SPS-600C 2-way component
    Headunit: Kenwood Excelon KDC-X395
    Amp: Boston Acoustic GTA-802 80wx2

    I'm running 12-gauge speaker wire from the amp to the speakers (overkill, I know), and using Stinger 2-channel 4000 series RCA cables.

    So, since the car is nearly done and all that remains is to put door panels on, I've been driving it to school and other events since the door panels aren't all that necessary. All was good, the front speakers worked fine even without the tweeters hooked up, and sounded fine.

    Today I decided to get the door panels on. After getting everything to close up nicely I had to go to cross country practice before actually attaching the door panels, so off they came again. Drove to practice and the speakers were working fine.

    Got back from practice, ate, and went into the garage to put the door panels on. Started with the passenger side, got the tweeters connected to to the woofer with the in-line crossover and got the door panel mounted and put all the screws back in. Started the car up to move it over a bit to make working on the drivers side easier and things went down hill. The drivers side woofer sounded fine, but the passengers side woofer wasn't producing any sound, and the only noise coming from the tweeter was some crackling and fuzzy noise.

    Obviously, the first thing I did was turn the car off, take the door panel off, and see if anything was wrong. Everything looked good to me, so I had no clue what was wrong. Decided to go over and just connect the drivers side tweeter and see what happened. Connected that tweeter, started the car up and the drivers side worked perfectly, alas there was no sound from the passenger side.

    So, I have no clue what's going on. I checked the amp, nothing wrong there, it just seems like the passenger side decided to stop working. My apologies for the long winded explanation, I just wanted to include as much detail as possible off the top of my head. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Probably it just stopped working, sadly these things happens.
    Any warranty left on it?


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      First steps I would take are:

      Unhook the tweets and test just the woofers again.

      If problem still exists reverse the speakers (L to R)

      If problem still exists reverse the RCA's on the L & R channels on the amp coming from the source

      If problem still exists, run a new piece of wire just laying on the floor (or around from the trunk in through the door) from the amp to the offending speaker

      You will now know if you have a speaker, amp or source problem.
      My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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        Thank you for the response and list of things to check!

        I unhooked the tweeter again and no luck, the woofer still did not work.

        Switched the speakers, left and right like you said, and now the drivers side didn't work, but the passenger side did.

        Kept the speakers switched and switched the RCAs, and I had my moment of brilliance... One of the RCA's had come slightly unplugged. So, let this be a lesson to me: always check the connections first.

        But of course resolving one problem has to unearth something else, does it not? Now that everything works, tweeters and woofers, I notice a fuzz or static in the tweeters. It's not so noticeable when listening to music, but when I fade to the front and then set the balance to one side, I can definitely hear the fuzzy static noise coming from the other tweeter. It's fairly obvious then, but as I said, not so when the music is playing. Any ideas what that could be?

        Also, on a side note, I read through your work log a while back and found it quite impressive! You do great work!