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Slimline Amp/Sub and Carputer

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  • Slimline Amp/Sub and Carputer

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a newb to car audio/carputing but I'm in the process of planning my carputer installation and need some advice.

    I'm looking at getting the Fusion CP-AS1080 Slimline Amp/Sub combo as it's the best one that suits my needs and I just need something that sounds decent, here's a link so you know what I mean when I say combo:

    And the Manual just in case:

    I'll just be hooking up to an old laptop via 3.5mm jack but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to hook up the front and rear speakers to this amp. It's a 4/1 channel amp so it should be able to run them correct?

    I may be completely wrong in thinking you can hook them up so if I am then please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks guys, your help is always greatly appreciated .

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    The setup you are pointing to is NOT a 5 channel amp. It is a single channel amplifier to run ONLY the subwoofer it comes with. The connections it has are to allow linking to other subwoofers to allow you to make a bank of subwoofers. It also has high level inputs which would allow you to hook this amplifier up to your speaker level outputs.

    This setup has no way of powering your front and rear speakers.


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      Ahhhh crap I got it confused with another one that was 4/1 channel I looked at and had it stuck in my head that it was this one haha.

      Thanks so much Red .