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  • POwer

    OK I was trying to figure the best place to put this and I decided here...if I did it in the wrong spot I am really sorry

    The other day I turned my car on and I didn't get any sound from my MP3 player. When I checked my amp it was off...but my sub amp worked. I checked my wires and everything was hooked up ok...but no power. I didn't have my Volt meter so I started pulling wires and testing. I couldn't get power and then my sub amp quit. to make a long stupid story short I found out that under the shink wrap of the 12v+ end where it was crimped to the wire there was corrosion. So I fixed that...and the peasants rejoiced.

    So I a wondering has anyone found a reliable way to keep this from happening? I never has a end corrode like that. I was looking at these ends and wondered what you thought...just using crutchfield because the picture is nice...not where I am getting it from -

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    It is mostly caused from the 2 different metals in the wire and the crimp. In telecom power wires we used a product called no-ox. It's paste like and you coat the wires before you crimp and heatshrink. But we also used copper crimps with copper wire. No-ox will help but 2 different metals will naturally put out some form of corrosion over time. No-ox is a standard with the big 3 telecom companies in Canada SNO
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