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matterials for soundproofing a mic, and active noise filtering

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  • matterials for soundproofing a mic, and active noise filtering

    hey. so in my car, i am using speech recognition to do almost anything. i have the mic, right atop of the steering wheel column, and it understands me pretty well. (the mic is striped to only its basics). the problems is, that, as expected, the noise is too much when i have music on, or especially when i have the windows open, for it to understand me. so, i have 2 topics.

    1) i was thinking of making a "sound proof cave" for the mic. the propose of this, is to dampen all the side-comming noises, so they dont have much effect on the mics input. i know i have to use porous materials to do that, but the problem is, the cave, must be as small as possible (otherwise it blocks line of sight to the speedometer ) . so what would be a good way to do this, in your experience??

    2) i have heard of techniques, of active noise filtering, (picking up the noise from another mic, and the reversing its phase, and sending it on the mics outpout). i was thinking something, that would "know what music the pc is playing" , and use some external hardware , to remove it from the mics, output. anyone can shed some light on this?? i have pretty good electronics knowledge, so i could do something DIY.

    any help would be appriciated!!

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    the "Design" i have thought so far, for the first topic (soundproofing cave) looks like that:
    Click image for larger version

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    wich basically is, one layer of soundproofing material, directly above and behind the mic. (probably touching it), and above that, a layer of ABS, to make the whole thing look better


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      Most peeps used the soho card and the da-350 mic and had excellent results SNO


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        i have too many unknown words in your sentence would you care to break it down a bit? also, bear i mind, that i dont want to just buy something. i want to buy only the essentials..

        edit: dude. wtf. i looked up the da-350. with 200 euro, i CAN PAY a person , to just be in my trunk, and remotly control my pc...


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          sounds like you need a directional mic, which essentially is what you are trying to achieve with the "cave"
          Originally posted by ClockWorK
          Remember, as soon as you make something idiot-proof, they will come out with a better idiot.


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            DA-350 IS ON EBAY FOR $35 US RIGHT NOW the seller will do cheap postage too!!!! Just ask.....what sno said,pheonix soho and andrea DA-350 is the only way to will never regret it....ive spent a lot on mics/sound cards and setups let alone the time to build and test it all...all never worked and is now obsolete!...this post is not to discourage you but just a heads up!!! As that combo is amazing,it just needs to be accuired at the right price.


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              in the auction you suggest, the DA-350 has, a direct AUX output. why do i need the pheonix soho card?? cause , i arledy have an external usb card (sound blaster x5 or something like that) ...


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                The soho card has the noise cancelling and is only used as a passthrough to your sound card. You won't be having problems anymore with this setup. Guaranteed results. SNO