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    So I am looking at a couple different line drivers...I know some people here use them here. I like the idea of being able to have more than 1 input but not required. I had an auto guy suggest this beast... _rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=0M002XBWCMR9SANEVF7F&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p =1630083502&pf_rd_i=507846

    Here is why...I just installed a HD/FM/AM unit so I can have an alternate to my Car PC once it is in as a back up incase something goes south...Hey you never it still will be about 1 year until my car PC is done and in. BUT I discovered that the unit doesn't have the ability to control the a volume of the radio. So I am thinking finally to get one of these. This is my set up...

    4x100 Kenwood Amp...pass through to a Rockford but If I get one of these I could just put the Rockford right into it so I can control it better.

    I have seen some of these for like $25-65...and more. What do you all think?

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    That looks like it will work fine. The 9 volt out will be nice for your amplifiers. As long as the unit is of decent quality you should like it.

    Almost sounds though like you would be better off just getting an inexpensive Radio with external input until you get your computer fully up and running. The radio will allow you to do much more and you wouldn't even need to mess with the HD radio. You should be able to get a decent radio for not much more than one of those line drivers.


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      I originally had a $300 head unit in this beast that my cousin gave me...The FM tuner went out on it....and at the same time my neighbors kid was selling his 4 channel amp so I decided to buy it. I went that way rather than buying another head unit so I could work towards a CarPC again. I only really ever use my MP3 player up until now. Not much need for FM. My thought though went to what if...
      ...The carputer breaks.
      ...something goes wrong with the screen.
      ...I want to listen to FM - people seem to complain about those USB pc tuners and such.

      While looking for a way to hook up more than 1 audio source it was suggested about this unit...

      I looked it over...sounded perfect...would give me a backup incase something happens to the CarPuter or the MP3 player I am using now.

      Now when I got it I realized no volume control. Now I don't want to go back to a head unit....because I am trying to stay away from one so I am not taking steps backwards away from my carputer back to just a Headunit with an MP3 player

      So after researching today...and talking to a bunch of people...I bought this


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        The Clarion is very clean! The noise specs are impressive, and 7V outs is plenty. The Aux input has gain trimmers so you can match the volume levels with the other main input source.


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          This is going to sound STUPID maybe but I was so excited when I found that baby...can't wait to hook it up...question is where to stick it.


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            The good thing is it's 1/2 DIN so you can stick it under the dash, or lots of limited access places.


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              I a going to try to make it accessible...being I will use it for the volume knob. I have a small cubby hole that you can throw small items in on the bottom of the center console I think I am going to be willing to give up. Will decide when I actually get it but I think that will be it.


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                You can see the progress of my build if you want at