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  • Noise Problems

    Before you bash for not looking, trust me I've done my research.

    Where to start...

    My specs:
    Zotac Atom WiFi Supreme
    4gb RAM
    250gb SSD
    BU-353-S4 GPS Receiver

    Mounted in the M350 case (Mo-Co-So)
    M4 ATX DC-DC
    And some cheap touch screen.

    Right now the PSU is grounded to the battery. I've tried three different grounds, one being stock harness, the other battery and a chassis ground I found inside the dash.

    My audio is composed of two amps, the sound ordnance 4100 and 1500. Im running two Polk 10s, Kicker components and coaxials all around. My crossovers are mounted in the trunk together with amps.

    Im running 4ga to amps, 14ga to speakers and 12ga to subs. Amp is grounded over 1.5 foot distance. +12v is ran on driver side, RCAs to 3.5mm on the passanger side.

    Now with specs out of the way, and assuring you that my grounds are good, Im experiencing a large dosage of alt. whine, combined with a ticking noise when I turn on my HIDs, and clicks when my blinkers flash. I bought a pair of cheap radioshack ground loop isolators, when I put them in the problem was amplified, I actually gained a lot more noise with them. I've read about M4 having noise issues, but I want to consult with more experienced people first before throwing out more money not knowing if switching PSUs would fix it. My RCAs have not been spliced into, but they are quite thin. I would like to point out that when the engine is off, the noise disappears. I have a headache with this, since Ive redone the ground a couple of times now, recently re-grounded the amps too because I hung them up above the subs. The amps are not touching anything metal physically, theyre mounted on a piece of plywood thats covered with dynamat and plexiglass. My m350 case is touching the chassis at a few points because it just hangs behind the touchscreen. I just grounded the pc to the battery today and hoped it would fix everything, when it didn't work out, I turned to register and hope for some advice. This is my first audio system, and in a car environment, so I have done a lot of research to actually put everything together, and make it work. Maybe the sound card is busted or something?

    Alt. whine, static, and clicking when using any of the lights are my audible noise concerns. Grounds are great, pc is grounded to the battery. 4ga +12 runs on driver side, RCAs on the passanger side. Tried multiple grounds with no help. Ground loop isolator amplifies the problem. Any help?

    Thanks in advance!
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