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Tablet install amplifier question

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  • Tablet install amplifier question

    Hi all,

    I'm currently planning out a tablet install, and I've run into a stuck point.

    I'm currently planning on running the 3.5mm audio o/p to a 3.5mm->RCA adapter, then to a 4-channel amplifier for mids/highs (Alpine ktp445u). My question is this: How do I also get o/p to my subwoofer amp without using a 5-channel amp?

    I've looked high and low on this site and others, and can't figure out how to make this work.

    For amplifying information, the main reason I'm planning on going with the ktp 445u is its size. Since I'm installing the tablet vice a traditional head unit, I have all that space in the dash, so I won't need to find a clever place to hide the amp. I really want to avoid a 5-channel amp for the same reason. It'd be big, clunky, and I'd have to find a place to hide it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use a Clarion MCD360 Crossover. It allows you to put 2 channels in and get 6 out. And you can configure each pair of outs.


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      Originally posted by jhornbr225 View Post
      I use a Clarion MCD360 Crossover. It allows you to put 2 channels in and get 6 out. And you can configure each pair of outs.
      Exactly. You'll need to have another piece of hardware in-line to downmix the signal. Crossovers and DACs will do the job. I personally just went and got a 5-channel amp that splits the signal for me. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I have a similar setup. I run the 3.5mm to RCA into a Clarion equalizer. That gives me front, rear, and sub RCA outputs that you can run to as many amplifiers as needed.


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          Would that be a Clarion EQS746? I posted about that one in another thread where someone else was asking the same question.

          This unit may do the trick. It has master volume, and an aux input. It also has Front, Rear, and Sub out. I will caution you however, that I purchased one, and found that the Sub out is not exactly what I call Sub out. The Equalizer adjustments actually Cuts/Boosts the Sub out. So if you are looking for this to cut the Bass going to your Front/Rear speakers, and allow the low frequencies out to power a Sub, you will be disappointed as I was. As long as you are not looking for true sub out, I'd say it's a good unit.

          The Clarion crossover MCD360 is what I ended up with. It's got the main features I needed. Two channel input, and either 2, 4, or 6 channel out (Front, Rear, Sub), with crossover adjustment and level adjust for each pair, with remote Sub level. But it has no master volume and no aux in, deal breakers for you, it sounds like.

          I was dispointed by the fact that if I tried to cut the bass out of my little 6.5" speakers, it cut the bass to the sub as well. I suppose someone who really wants the volume control and the aux input features could put caps on the speakers to protect them from the bass and still use the 746. I prefer the Clarion MCD360 and an external volume control.


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            I can't comment on how that part of the equalizer works. My amp is a little unique and uses the rear RCAs to split between the rear speakers and sub outputs. So I don't use the sub out at all.

            However, I control the bass with the lowest Hz knob and it has no effect on the other speakers. Your amplifier should also have crossovers to prevent low notes from going to the wrong speakers