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Small high powered 12v amp

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  • Small high powered 12v amp

    Can anyone recommend one of these from the masses on ebay/aliexpress. Needs to be small, ideally 4x50w rms or more. Most seem to want 24v to see that sort of power. Can that be achieved without too much heat?

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    I would just find something like this model they are 12v for automotive use and work very well for what they are. The mp3car store has them and they are available on ebay as well, just search for tda7850 Good luck SNO


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      If it's a brand name your looking for and want to spend some money, take a look at the Alpine Power Pack, small & powerful (for it's size)
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        Thanks for the suggestions but I was hoping for something with more power than both, also don't want a name brand.


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          i bought some times ago such a sure electronics digital amp with 4 x 100W.

          but don't tested yet.

          maybe it's an option for you.
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