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    Ok I have a car PC in my 70 chevelle. Heres the setup for the audio: audio-outs go to a JL 300/4 amp (4 channels). the volume can only be controlled by the PC. however, if i leave the volume up and shut off the car the next time it starts the windows music and anything else is loud. also I would like a quick way to turn the volume up and down without having to navigate to the player/ volume screen in case im in my NAV app or something. How would I hook up a analog pierometer or something for quickly changing the volume? Does anyone have any ideas? I have already checked for my amp and there is no volume control add on that I can purchase? What do you guys use for this?

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    Since you usually don't want audio before the PC starts up create a timer that doesn't turn the amp on till windows is up.
    Some of the car power supplies already have that built in (may or may not be the correct amount of time for you)
    You can buy ready made delay switches or search for a power on delay circuit to build.

    Use software called volumouse to make the mouse scroll wheel act as a volume control. Simply use the mouse as is or hack it apart and create your own custom volume knob. (doesn't work till Windows is up)

    Buy a Joycon and make a knob or button to have it control the volume (doesn't work till Windows is up)

    Add a pot to the input side of your amp. (This was the first link in a google search)
    This would give you direct control regardless of Windows' state

    I'd want to have a delay like first suggestion regardless of any other volume control options.
    Then the easiest is a simple pot on the input side of your amp.
    The other two are only for after Windows starts.

    good luck
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      In my boat I use an ALPS Blue Velvet pot for that purpose.


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        Thanks soo much for your input. I am running two touch screens, i should have mentioned. so using the mouse is not an option. I did look at the Alps pot. I may incorporate it into something like this:
        If anyone else has a easier or simpler way, please chime in.


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          maybe something like this?

          Run a 3.5mm M/M from your Sound card to that part, then a RCA M/M to your amp. Set your carPC volume at a set number (IE. 100%)


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            I have a Joycon connected to steering wheel buttons for volume, and also a Powermate USB volume control on my center console so people in the back seat can reach up and turn down the volume to talk, or up for a favorite song. There are other USB volume controllers available too.

            I use Driveline for a front end, and it has programmable volume ramp up to the volume you left it at last. When I get in the car in the morning, and the volume would be too loud, I have time to reach to the Powermate and turn it down before the music ramps up to last night's loudness.

            The store also sells a USB volume control that has selectable LED colors in the shaft, and you can mount it to a small "Gauge Panel" type panel under the dash for quick access.
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              I use a Joycon connected to a Sony cable remote in the center console. Everyone in the car can reach it. Works flawlessly and allows to control many more things than just volume, like switching to navigation, switching tasks, switch to telephone app, switching to the camera screen, change albums, change tracks, load internet browser, etc.
              I also use 3RVX to control volume outside of my frontend and actually see the percentage of the volume as overlay no matter where I am.