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which audio cable option is better?

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  • which audio cable option is better?

    I'm planning on running a cable from the soundcard to an rca aux input on my headunit. Is it better to use a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this:
    or to get a y adapter:
    and use automotive quality rca cables? I know the rca cables made for car audio have shielding and that helps it sound better but I wasn't sure if the adapter would be a weak point and have some kind of negative impact?

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    both will work automotive cables have better sheilding for noise monster is the best and you will see when you pay for it lots of bucks I would not use the rca y adptor only because the extra weight on the 3.5 mm jack for the pc will mess it up

    use the first one if you get noise get a filter for it

    if that don't fix the noise get a monster 3.5 to rca cable you can find them any where you find Apple I pods


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      I would (and have gone) with the second one. My reasoning is the adapter is very small and makes a good connection with very little chance of interferance. IMO, using the second adapter and a decent RCA cable would be a better option than using the first with a decent RCA cable ...

      I think having the cheaper cable style adapter with a good rca cable could introduce noise into the line. But keep in mind i'm not a professional by any means

      port20 has a point with the weight ... i've found it's not that bad (those things really aren't very heavy) but it really depends on your setup as to if the added weight will be a problem.

      but for my .02 ... i'm using the second adapter you linked (from radioshack) and unshielded monster cable rcas (about $15 for 19 feet) and i have no noise, and clean signal.
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        I don't think you'll notice much difference with either one. Just remember the first one can bend(and short if bent too much) and offer more flexibility in hiding wires. The second one has less chances of shorting because it doesn't bend but doesn't offer as much flexibility for install. Also as stated the first may be prone to pull in more interference, but I use them with no problems.
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          RS used to have 6" adaptors... I guess they stopped making them. They were perfect for this situation where you don't need the RCA wire (cause you'll be using better ones made for car audio), but you don't want the small connector cause it's inflexible.

          My advice is to use the adaptor, and clamp the cables down tight with a few inches slack, so that the adaptor doesn't have any pressure on it.


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            Originally posted by Banderon
            My advice is to use the adaptor, and clamp the cables down tight with a few inches slack, so that the adaptor doesn't have any pressure on it.
            I agree


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              You may also want to check other options here. I found this site to be very useful for me. Good luck, man.