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  • Preamp?

    Is a pre amp needed to hook the computers audio to an amplifier? I currently have the usb (creative mp3 sound card) outputing directly into a 4 channel 400w amp. The problem is that the sound kicks in and out and I know all my connections are correct on the amp and it is brand new. Any suggestions?

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    well if your amp is designed for a 4 volt input you might need it because your PC sound card is only 2 volts if it doesn't happen when the pc's volume is all the way up then I would say that is the problem you need a preamp line driver

    what brand and model amp u got?


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      Nevermind it was all due to a faulty remote. Amp is up and running now. Thanks


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        hey it might be a faulty remote....

        Just thought I would let you know
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          but what if you pc is 2v and the carhead unit inputs are 4v what should someone do about ths as i think i might have that problem as when i play a cd in the headunitit ismuch louder than the pc


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            the solution is at

            look for line drivers, they have some that are adjustable up to 10v output, used by the sound quality and sound pressure wizards, about 165 or 145 usd a pair, if going for 5.1 sound you will need 3

            Once my screen is installed and i can test the install I may have the same prob as you and need to get these, email david at the site, he will help you out 100%

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              this might sound really dumb but my home pc is 2v and connects to a what must be a 4v hifi ok my home pc also has 2 speaker outs on it one at the fron and one at the back so if i get a two, two to one rca pulgs and connect them up right wouldi then have a 4 volt system or is this just me being very very dumb