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  • Kicker Tent Sale

    I live in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. But there's one thing that's good about that; I live about 30 minutes from Kicker headquarters. This comes in handy about once a year when they have their Kicker Tent Sale.

    It will be this weekend (April 23rd-25th) in Stillwater, Oklahoma at Custom Car Stereo.

    I'm hoping to go and find some nice deals on things, as it's so easy to talk them down at the tent sale.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is from around here that might be going or if anyone has any advice about Kicker subs and amps. (Any certain products to stay away from, anything to try and get, etc)

    Progress: On hold while I pay off my new PowerBook :D
    Part List:
    VIA MII10000 - 512MB - 20Gig 2.5" - Rikaline 6010 - 7" Lilliput - CNX-P1260 - Alpine 4ch Amp - 4 Gauge wire and fused distrobution block.