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Head Unit Vs. amp

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  • Head Unit Vs. amp

    I can buy either:

    a headunit with 150 amps, eq, and aux. input, subwoofer out $60


    2 dirt cheap amps $100

    Basically i'm using a headunit as an amp, it wont be used in the system at all, save for a one time stereo eq, then i will leave it alone in my trunk.

    My stereo is all stock crappy stuff on a 2002 subaru.

    Comments? suggestions?
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    Amps tend to have more in terms of user control and use their power more efficiently to power the speakers. A head unit with thru-puts and a radio receiver will use more power. Conserving otherwise wasted power is essential in a carputer setup.
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      In a carputer a head unit is only going to get in your way. An amplifier is definetly the way to go. You can get a four channel amp and use rear for subwoofers (by bridging) and use the front channels for speakers (parallel wiring). The Ohms will be cut in to a quarter of what the subwoofers are rated at, and the speaker ohms will be cut in half so you wont see any power loss.
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      Head units are for cheaters!
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