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Sony cdx-505rf power wiring setup?```

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  • Sony cdx-505rf power wiring setup?```

    Hi all

    I have just brought myself a sony cdx-505rf cd changer from a guy off ebay, its in great nick the only problem with it is he hasnt sent the power adapter that fits into the concealled connection box,

    All i can say is it has 4 pins in there and it says power above, in the shape of a small rectangular box.

    Im willing to get so small electrical connectors to do the job but need to know which wire goes to which prong.

    Ive just read that there are only 3 black, yelllow and red wires

    If any of you know where the wires go or to which prong or if one of you has one of these and just fancys telling me what colour wire in what order

    it would be much appreciated