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Signalling 4 channels with 2 channels

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  • Signalling 4 channels with 2 channels

    I want to get out two sets of left audio and two sets of right ( 2 x 2chan amps )
    can I just use a splitter to give the output ? would this overload the epia preamp or cause distortion issues?
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    just wire both left speakers and both right speakers to your amp, you'll get double the power to your 4 speakers, but the ohms will be cut in half (probably to 2) so check your amplifier's manual to see what the minimum number of ohms is.
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      He wasn't talking about post-amplification.

      ^^ You should be fine doing this. The only case where you would run into trouble is if both amps had unusually low input impedances which shouldn't be the case.